Africa Fashion Week 2013

April 02, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

Designer: Mikaila Brown for Aliakim

Aliakim is a distinctive accessory and clothing line that blends fashion and activism. Their unique prints meld cultural images with high-end fashion elements.

The fashion brand brings meaning to revolutionary chic;  providing memorably closet-stapled pieces, inspiring change and bringing awareness to child soldiers in Sudan and the organizations that look to bring change to this epidemic.


Designer: Ms. Ray Couture by Anthonia Raymond

Ms. Ray Couture was founded a year ago by Anthonia Raymond, the 23 year old daughter of the late Mr. Raymond: the inspiration behind her brand. After being crowned as Miss Africa Netherlands 2012, she devoted her energy towards designing. Having spent her entire life in Europe,  after being born in Africa, African prints became the focal point of her designs. Anthonia Raymond is the mastermind behind the unique concept of interweaving both the European and the African culture together.

Ms. Ray Couture is all about allowing women to appreciate their body by making simple, classy and memorable outfits for women.